Died Charles Aznavour

At the age of 94 years died, Charles Aznavour. About it AFP said representatives of the famous French singer.

Charles Aznavour (full name — Shahnur Vaghinak aznavourian) was born in a family of ethnic Armenians, who emigrated from Georgia to France in 1922. Music he was fond of in his childhood, he began performing on stage in 9 years, and in 1936 played for the first time in the movie.

A powerful impetus in the musician’s career was the participation in a tour of the US and France in 1946 by Edith Piaf, one of the first drew attention to the singer. Then followed concerts, and soon came to the world and the glory: concerts in Casablanca, Paris and new York. In the early 1960s, Charles, already a worldwide star, released his first American album.

80-year career, Aznavour has written of 1.3 million songs, starred in 60 films and sold over 100 million CDs in 80 countries. «The French Sinatra» performed with ray Charles, Elton John, Liza Minnelli, Julio Iglesias, Fred Astaire and Bob Dylan called live performances by singer one of the best he had ever seen in his life.

In 2017 on the walk of fame in Hollywood, a star of Charles Aznavour.