«Miss Moscow» Oksana Vojvodina married the king of Malaysia after conversion to Islam

The winner of the title «Miss Moscow-2015» 25-year-old Oksana Vojvodina converted to Islam and became the new Queen of Malaysia, married a king of the country 49-year-old Muhammad V of Kelantan.

Luxurious wedding ceremony took place on 22 November in the prestigious Moscow suburb of Barvikha. During the celebration the groom was dressed in the Malay national dress, and the bride was in a white wedding dress, covered with jewels. Thus, following Islamic tradition, during the celebration, no alcohol, and all the food was Halal. The couple has not publicly talking about how they met.

According to Malaysian news portal rakyatku.com, Vojvodina converted to Islam 16 April 2018 and took the Muslim name of Rihani. Her picture in a hijab appeared on Twitter.

Oksana Voevodina : Miss La russe, convertie à l islam devient reine de Malaisie https://t.co/0B3vlDk1b5 pic.twitter.com/wpuSCjvPyr

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«People are grateful and proud that they got the Queen Agong. Long live the king!», — she signed the.

But Vojvodina officially became Queen because the title can only get Malaika.

Before the wedding the girl said: «I think a man should be head of the family and, of course, should not earn less than a woman.»

The ruler of Malaysia, a title which sounds as Yang di-Pertuan Agong was elected to the throne in 2016. According to local media, Muhammad V is rather modest and prefers the Royal robes of simple outfits. Earlier the king was married, but he does not have children.

The photos of the Malaysian King, Sultan Muhammad V’s wedding with Russian beauty Oksana Voevodina in Moscow that have been puzzling viralled by Malaysian netizens via social media pic.twitter.com/VzQlsEmb7K

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Most of Vojvodina is little known. She has a father Andriy Gorbatenko — orthopedic surgeon from Rostov-on-don.

«When I spoke [at the competition], my father was sitting in the hall, and he was a guide for me — she said while participating in the contest «Miss Moscow». — I only looked at him and spoke only to him. Because I knew that if I do something wrong, dad is dad, he’d never say anything, and he never will condemn.»

Oksana voevodina
Oksana Vojvodina pic.twitter.com/AufooYLfZe

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Mother models also participated in the beauty contest in Penza in the beginning of 90-ies, shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It is also known that Vojvodina studied business at University. G. V. Plekhanov in Moscow.

In his interview, the girl told me that she would like to become a fashion designer of women’s clothing and swimwear. The Russian woman even created her own collection for the contest.

Maybe Vojvodina was already married, because her last name is different from his father. Previously, the model often posted in the social network your photos in swimwear or in underwear. Most likely, after embracing Islam, she had to be.