A miracle for little Jace from a concerned postman

7-year-old Jace, who lost his father in 2014, and mailed his card to «father in heaven». Doubtful, there came the shipment to the addressee, the kid asked the postman to figure it out. On Christmas eve, little James received a notice from the mail that his letter arrived, despite all the difficulties of logistics in heaven.

Teri Copland, a resident of Scotland, on his facebook posted yesterday post which has touched directly many to tears. Her husband Jason died suddenly four years ago. Seven-year-old son Jace yearns for father. As it turned out, the baby decided to let my dad in heaven that he was all right, and sent him a letter in the mail. But Jace wasn’t so little anymore, he was worried that the letter might not get there, and wrote a note to the mailman. Surprise and affection Teri Copland no bounds when she recently received official notice from the Royal mail in Britain:

Written by the assistant Manager for the delivery of the Sam Milgrom:

«I just wanted to take the opportunity to contact you and to inform how we managed to pass on your letter to your father in heaven. It was a difficult task, on the way to heaven the postman had to overcome the stars and other galactic objects. However, be assured that this important package has been delivered. The priority of USPS is to deliver mail reliably to customers. I know how important your mail for you. I will continue to do everything in my power to safely deliver you to heaven.»

«I can’t tell you how happy my son, he is now confident that the father received his news. You were not obliged to exert effort to do this, you could just ignore the appeal of the boy, but the fact that you made an effort for the baby that you’ve never met is such a beautiful thing. Royal mail have just restored my faith in humanity. Please share this, let Royal mail know how grateful we are 💙 thank you and merry Christmas!» — wrote on FB Teri Copland.

Her post for the day gathered more than 400 thousand likes, 200 reposts thousand and 44 thousand comments from people from around the world — I hope everyone who read this story also wanted to make someone of the neighbors something good and to create their own little miracle for Christmas, as it did in Royal mail.