«Charred heart of Paris»: the destruction from a fire in Notre Dame showed from the height of bird flight

Billionaires behind many of the leading French luxury brands, will allocate 300 million euros ($339 million)to help rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral after a devastating fire.

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Group LVMH, which owns Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Givenchy, said on Tuesday, April 16 that the company together with the family of the General Director of Bernard Arnault will allocate 200 million euros ($226 million).
In a statement the company said that the funds will be used to restore the symbol of Paris and France.

Family of Francois Pinault, who controls brands such as Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, has promised 100 million euros ($113 million). The son of Pinault, françois-Henri Pinault, said that everyone wants as soon as possible to return the life jewel of French heritage.

The fire in Notre-Dame, which began on Monday, April 15, was extinguished only after nine hours. The walls of the famous Cathedral survived, but the steeple collapsed and completely fell through the roof. Inside the Cathedral is preserved the altar and the relics which had been saved from the fire, including a crown of thorns of Christ.

200 years to build
800 years of existence
5 minutes to burn

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The destruction from a fire in the Cathedral with height of bird’s flight can be viewed at the link.

The President of France Emmanuel macron promised to restore the Cathedral, saying that France would begin an international campaign to raise funds.

After the terrible Notre-Dame inferno 🔥 https://t.co/shDVQX1hIf
the roof and tower have been lost
but the interior is still standing strong! 💪

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The US President Donald trump, speaking at a meeting in Minnesota, said the fire devastated the «one of the greatest treasures of the world.»

Michelle Obama, who on Monday was in Paris, tweeted that: «Her heart aches with the people of France.»

The Notre Dame Cathedral was started in 1163. The famous two 69-meter bell tower is intact, but experts say that the Cathedral lost much of the ancient stained glass Windows.

Already at dawn in the Cathedral gathered construction professionals and architects, who will have to assess the state of Notre Dame.