When you can learn if you have won a green card — and what to do then

If You have correctly issued a request and received a unique number confirmation of participation in DV 2020, may 7, from 12:00 (EDT), it will be possible to check the status of Your application on the official website of the draw.

How to do it?

Go to dvlottery.state.gov and click on the “check status”. Enter Your confirmation number (it must be kept until 30 September 2020) and personal information.

I won, what’s next?

You need to fill DS-260 and interview.

If You are among the winners, check the date of the interview with the immigration office. Do not expect that You will receive a separate invitation to the meeting, the US government is not obliged to notify winners personally. Then You will be redirected to a page with detailed instructions (including with the immigration petition).

When you can learn if you have won a green card — and what to do thenshutterstock

Winning the lottery does not mean that You will certainly get the visa. You need to pass an interview and not have any ban on entry to USA. In electronic form DS-260, there are questions that will help determine if there was any reason not to let You in the United States. Similar questions will be to ask the immigration officer: they all relate to criminal history and security.

Remember! You and Your family members should obtain their visas in the United States until September 30, 2020. After this date no one will issue a visa.

What to do if you lost your confirmation number?

At the moment on the website of the Electronic system checks the status of the participation in DV it is possible to recover the confirmation number. For this you need to enter personal information and email address that You provided during registration.

Interview with an immigration officer at the Embassy or Consulate (for those who are in the United States in USCIS) will start in October 2019. At the online status check you will be notified of appointment date 4-6 weeks before the scheduled meeting.

Do not pull with the paperwork and visas. This year, as usual, will give 50 thousand green cards. However, initially, will select more applicants with the expectation that the first 50 thousand not all will pass the final selection and get a visa. Visas are issued each month until September 2020, however, if the limit is 50. thousand will be exhausted before this time, the program will close early.