At home Melania trump — the Slovenian — mounted wooden statue the first lady of the United States. And she’s really weird (photos)

Melania trump suddenly appeared in his home town of Sevnica (Slovenia), where she grew up. However, it was only a statue of the first lady of the United States, which gathered mixed reviews because of the unusual performance.

Wooden life-sized statue, which was installed near the river on the edge of the Road, a village five miles from Sevnica, very vaguely resembles the Melania at the inauguration of her husband, Donald trump.

But local residents are not enthusiastic about this work. They called the statue an insult to the first lady and say that the monument looks more like a character from «the Smurfs».

Bizarre statue of Melania Trump erected in Slovenia

— New York Post (@nypost) July 5, 2019

The statue was commissioned the American artist brad Downey, and cut it with a chainsaw Ales of Supic, a local sculptor, better known as Maxi. The latter admitted that he was born in the same year and in the same hospital as the first lady, but his life went down a completely different path.

«Let’s face it, she owns half of America, and I have nothing,» says Maxie, who currently works as a pipe layer.

Creating sculpture is part of a documentary film made Downey, which was submitted as part of its latest exhibition «Disasters in slow motion» in the gallery Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien in Berlin. Work will also be shown at his exhibition in the capital of Slovenia Ljubljana.

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Downey told CNN he was inspired to create the statue of anti-immigration policies trump. He called «a glaring contradiction» the fact that the President, who made a stop of immigration the cornerstone of his presidency, he married an immigrant.

This case is similar to the situation with a caricature bust of Cristiano Ronaldo, who appeared in the terminal of international airport on their native island football player Madeira. After a stormy discussion in social networks, the player still put like a bronze sculpture. Let’s see what will end it with a statue of Melania trump.