Arrived in Ukraine with the first tanker in the country’s history, thousands of tons of oil from the U.S.

Yesterday, July 6, at the port of Odessa (Ukraine) arrived 237-meter tanker Wisdom Venture, which was brought from USA 75 thousand tons of oil.

According to the publication Business Information Network, the party of Bakken crude oil acquired PJSC «Ukrtatnafta» for processing at the facilities of the Kremenchug refinery.

Arrived in Ukraine with the first tanker in the country’s history, thousands of tons of oil from the U.S.Photo: Odessa sea port

In the main control room of Odessa sea port said that WisdomVenture wound up in the Harbor tug «Bulat» and «Patriot» belonging to the SE «Odessa port» haulage of the cargo in the shore tanks, it may take 36 hours.

Processing of tanker is carried out with observance of all technological requirements, fire and environmental safety.

«Our company has extensive experience with the oil. At the time, through the port was transit in large volumes of oil from Russia and Kazakhstan, Venezuela to Belarus. Now occasionally the tankers with raw materials from Azerbaijan. The new traffic from the US will also be given a quality service for handling», — said the head of the administration of the port of Odessa Igor Tkachuk.

The arrival of the tanker to Odessa in Ukraine, the supply of oil directly from USA.

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Raw materials it is planned to send the Kremenchug refinery via the pipeline «Odessa-Kremenchug». After the first purchase should be followed by several more. The following tanker with oil varieties Bakken can arrive to Odessa in August.

Backinowsky formation (Bakken formation) is one of the world’s largest deposits of light oil. Partially covers the States of North Dakota and Montana in the United States and the canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.