In Russia announced the evacuation of the village, which is close to a nuclear explosion at Archangel

Yesterday, August 13, the Russian authorities announced the evacuation of the village which is located near Arkhangelsk, near the site of a nuclear accident. The accident killed 7 people.

Last week at the offshore platform in the site near Archangel, an explosion occurred, which the world still little known. But the US has their assumptions. According to Reuters, which cites a senior source in the administration of the tramp, the incident is associated with an attempt to run Russia hypersonic cruise missiles.

US official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the media that Washington is not yet ready to say whether it was a nuclear explosion, but reported the presence of radioactive elements. According to officials, attempts of Russia to develop hypersonic cruise missiles raised the issue of whether to extend the so-called nuclear agreement «New start», which expires in early 2021.

The assumption about the nuclear nature of the explosion is bolstered by the fact that the village of Nyonoksa, which is located near the place of explosion, have decided to evacuate. The Governor of the Arkhangelsk region Igor Orlov denies this information. Authorities later confirmed that the evacuation is cancelled.

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Alexander K. Nikitin, a researcher for the Norwegian environmental group «Bellona» and an expert on radiation safety in Russia, said in an interview that the military may have to catch the damaged reactor from the bottom of the sea. At the moment, he said, «basically, these are questions without clear answers.»