In the day of an important Jewish holiday in Germany at the synagogue, there was a mass shooting. Killing 2 people

During the mass shooting at the synagogue in Germany, two people died, two more got wounds. The suspect is detained.

In the German city of Halle an unknown man armed with a gun and dressed in camouflage clothing started shooting at people standing near a synagogue.

After he went to the kiosk where they sell Shawarma. and he dropped the subject similar on a grenade. As a result of this attack nobody has suffered.

Authorities believe that these attacks have been motivated by hatred. The TV station MDR has published a video from the scene, which shows a man who gets out of the car and starts shooting.

Soon became aware of another shooting which occurred in the town of Landsberg, which is located 15 kilometres East of Galle.

Note that today, October 9, the Jews celebrate Yom Kippur or Day of atonement, Judaism’s most important holidays.