China’s forbidden to play computer games longer than 90 minutes per day all minors

China has decided to radically solve the issue of how long children can sit at the computer. On Tuesday, entered into force a new law under which persons under the age of 18 can now play computer games only from 8:00 to 22:00 and only 90 minutes a day.

I think it’s a little too much? Congratulations, it only gets more interesting. Among other new rules: mandatory registration of children accounts under their own names and with their own ID as well as a limit on the additional costs of $28—$57 per month designed to limit the cost of DLC and microtransactions.

Although on the weekends the students will be able to play a little longer — 3 hours a day, it is unlikely for them special comfort.

It is not known what punishment will await violators.

According to the official statement of the authorities, the objective of restrictions — the fight against video game addiction, vision problems, and «poor academic performance» among teenagers. According to representatives of China’s National Press and Publication Administration, the games have a «disproportionate influence on mental and physical health of minors and their way of life and academic success.»

According to analysts in the gaming industry have long known about the limitations — and many manufacturers have time to prepare for change. Ostaetsja only to wonder how soon the Chinese students will find loopholes to circumvent the ninety-minute limit on favorite Fortnite.