«I thought it was a nightmare»: the bride woke up after coma, and saw that her legs were amputated

Future bride from the UK told me how she woke up after surgery and found that the doctors amputated both of her legs.

37-year-old Tina McCue still determined to walk down the aisle to marry her fiancé, Martin, despite the nightmare that occurred during the operation.

The woman had previously been diagnosed with type one diabetesand was scheduled for surgery on the veins in your legs, but doctors found a serious infection during the procedure and had to immediately amputate the legs of Tina.

«I thought it was a nightmare»: the bride woke up after coma, and saw that her legs were amputatedPhoto: BPM Media

The bride and the mother of four children woke up and found that she had no right leg and the bottom of the left. She is still on the recovery process in the hospital.

«At first I thought it was just a bad dream, my feet on the ground, and this is just me after a coma, but soon the reality took its toll, — said Tina. – I was devastated and for a moment he thought he better be dead. The pain was terrible. But now I know I will cope and learn to live with it.»

Tina support in hospital her fiance Martin Pritchard and her children: 18-year-old Jordan, 16-year-old Ryan, and 12-year-old Scott and 11-year-old Tiffany.

«I had terrible days, but I can’t bring their loved ones. I set a goal to return home from the hospital to the end of the month, try to get in shape and be as independent as possible. I want to go to the altar, when Martin and I are going to marry,» added Tina McCue.

Friends from the bar, which previously worked as Tina started collecting funds to pay for home modifications that will need to be done to Tina.

«Everyone loves Tina. We know what’s her problem, but she never hung up on it. She is always full of life, all want to support it,» wrote a friend of the woman, Christina Collis.