Better than any girl: glamorous eyebrows did a stray dog celebrity

If you thought that «lamination eyebrows» was a major beauty news this year, then think again. It just so happened that the last of the b-star has not used any of the techniques, tools or instructional video from YouTube to get amazing eyebrows. Pictures white dog with the black, jet-black eyebrows appeared on the social network page of a shelter from Russia.

Glamorous beauties for hours and hours to draw your own eyebrows, and have this dog they are completely natural. A stray dog with expressive eyebrows recently found wandering the streets of Bratsk, the Russian city where, at this time of year the temperature reaches -12°. The dog was the body of an ordinary street dog, but great eyebrows Cara Delevingne.

Being sure that your eyebrows dog drew the local wags, her rescuers took her to a shelter Good hands. They tried to clean it, but nothing happened. Soon the shelter staff confirmed that the eyebrows, or rather spots on the animal’s coat is completely natural.

Experts have determined that a street dog, probably partly relates to the husky breed, and distinctive eyebrows can serve as a confirmation of this origin of the animal. Once in the network appeared the photo of the dog, the dog took a woman named Oksana Maisina, that is, in the shelter, the dog spent all 5 days. And what name gave the woman the dog with characteristic eyebrows? Frida, of course. The dog was named after an artist from Mexico known for his surrealist paintings, vivid self-portraits and, of course, incredibly bushy eyebrows.

Now have another dog named Madame Brovkina has a competitor. Madame Brovkina eyebrows look not so impressive. On the contrary, her eyebrows make her look much worse than that works in her favor because she gets extra treats.