One killed, 12 injured: families of the bride and groom entered into the «fight,» arguing for the choice of wedding songs

For weddings, which are considered the most happy day for brides and grooms, paradoxically, frequent quarrels and fights. Fortunately, they often end with broken noses – and not more. But in this case the dispute between the families of the bride and groom ended this tragedy.

In India on the evening of Thursday, November 28 one person was killed and 12 were injured as a result of clashes between families of the bride and groom about the selection of songsthat were planned to perform at the wedding ceremony in the village Asocur district Basti.

According to local police on Friday, November 29, the bride’s relatives expressed objections to certain song which was scheduled to perform during the «Baraat».

Baraat – wedding procession will be a procession with the participation of the orchestra, dancers and a separate budget. The groom and his horse are luxuriously dressed and usually don’t participate in dances and singing are performed baraati accompanying. The groom usually carries a sword. The name «baraati» is also used more broadly to describe any invitee from the groom.

In the end the verbal dispute turned into a fight. According to police, in the course went the bricks and sticks. In the end, 12 people were injured, including the groom bir Bahadur Nishad groom’s father RAM Subhag and uncle of the groom the Firt Nishad.

The police brought the victims to the hospital in Captainganj, where the Firth of Nishada, who was seriously wounded, was sent to Lucknow. On the way, he died from his injuries.

According to preliminary information, the police arrested two people. It is unknown whether canceled because of what happened the wedding.