At wedding in India bride and groom exchanged garlands of onions and garlic because of the high prices on these products

Couple in Varanasi on the day of his wedding, exchanged garlands, as is customary in the Indian tradition, but instead of flowers they put each other on the neck… the garlands of onions and garlic. So the couple decided to pay attention to too high prices on these products.

Guests at the wedding also gave a pair of bulbs.

Kamal Patel from the party of Samajwadi said: «onion Prices are inflated to the skies last month, so now people think bow is precious as gold. At this wedding the bride and groom used a garland of onions and garlic. Onion prices increased to 120 rupees per kg».

120 rupees, equal to $1,70.

As every Hindu wedding norms the couple exchanged garlands but instead of flowers the garlands were fashioned out of onions and garlic.

— IndSamachar (@Indsamachar) December 14, 2019

Another leader of the party Samajwadi Satya Prakash said that the couple wants to confront high prices for onions, so I chose this unusual method.

«The bride and groom were trying to convey a message, speaking against the soaring cost of onions and other food. Party Samajawadi held several protests against such issues. This is a historic event for couples», he added.

According to party leaders, onion prices continue to grow in the markets of Varanasi.