The car broke out when the driver sprayed air freshener and lit a cigarette

The man claims that he was lucky to be alive after he was in the car spray air freshener and then potkuri a cigarette that caused the explosion.

Carl Fisher (age 29) was left with terrible burns to the face and hands after the incident, which were also damaged his car.

Fisher from West Yorkshire told me that he bought the air freshener and «spray a little», but the flavor was so strong that he had to open all the Windows machines. He noted that he went «about 10 minutes», adding that the scent is almost completely eroded when he decided to smoke.

As soon as he tried to use the lighter in the car explosion that was so powerful that it blew out shop Windows nearby.

Giving an interview to The Sun, Fisher said, «I remember the pressure when right in front of my body, an explosion occurred and in front of me all lit up. I saw a bright white light. I think he closed his eyes and raised his hands to his face. I thought it lasted forever.»

He added: «I’m incredibly lucky to be here. Now I could be dead. Looking at the damage to the machine, I can’t believe that I was able to stay alive. I literally rode in the bomb and had no idea until I tried to use the lighter and it blew. I have no idea how or why I got so lucky. It’s a miracle before Christmas.»

Fisher was taken to the hospital, where he received help. He is now recovering at home.

After the incident, police wrote in Facebook: «Shortly after 15:00 today street Fountain Street in Halifax was closed due to the explosion of bottles of aerosol. The aerosol exploded and knocked out the windshield and window of nearby store. The owner of the car received only minor injuries, but could have been much worse. Please be careful and follow the instructions, using spray fresheners».

Fisher, in turn, says never use aerosol air fresheners. «In the future I will just hang it on the rearview mirror».