The young man threw the baby on the car roof, saving her from a pit bull

The video hit an awful moment when 4-year-old boy pulled from the jaws of an angry pit bull.

Indifferent passerby Patrick to seu boldly rushed to the rescue of little Joan Pedro after the boy was attacked in Rio de Janeiro. Little child he was with his nanny, when he noticed a pit bull. Frightening video shows how the dog jumps on the defenseless boy before Patrick rushes to his aid and beats him.

After that, the man threw the child on the roof of a nearby car so he was safe. However, he had to climb the roof when a pit bull tried to grab his ankle.

Unemployed Patrick (20 years) called a hero after video of the incident last week has gone viral. Thousands of people watched the shooting unexpected attack.

The young man said: «I presented on the ground of his own daughter Lara. She is only 2 years old, but she’s about the same size. When I saw what was happening, I had that she and I instinctively began to act. When I pulled the dog, she clung to his teeth by the neck of the boy. I don’t consider myself a hero, not at all.»

People decided to help the hero to collect the money to replace the phone that broke down while Patrick and the boy was saved from the attack and climbed onto the roof of the car.

It is reported that he has not worked the last 5 months.

Nurse the baby, judging by the video, I was in shock from the events of the incident. At the beginning of the shooting shows that she and her child fell to the ground. When Patrick rushed to help the boy, she stood up, dusted himself off and went on. Patrick initially wanted to simply drive off from the baby pit bull, but when he was not far behind and at some point threw him on the ground of Patrick, they both had to climb on the car.

The owner of the pit bull has not yet been identified.