Accused of espionage by the Chinese company Huawei announced the unpredictability of trump and promised to create a 5G network in Europe and India

For anybody not a secret that the people’s Republic of China uses the latest technology to monitor Chinese citizens at home and abroad — and does so with the clear intention to preserve the power of the Communist party of China, punishing any behavior that is considered disruptive or dangerous.

This is one of the reasons why the United States expressed its concern about the 5G, the new wireless communication fifth generation, which will be the basis for the future of the economy and public services.

Will other countries to buy the same technology from Beijing for this reason?

Since Huawei is competing for the creation of Europe’s 5G wireless networks of the next generation, it spends millions of dollars on an intense advertising and lobbying campaign. As the New York Times, in meetings with European politicians, the Chinese tech giant has positioned itself as the guarantor of privacy, transparency and globalization, and warns that the administration trump unreliable and unpredictable.

The position of Huawei in Europe has suffered greatly amid concerns that its network can be used for Chinese espionage. But even despite the fact that these concerns have not disappeared, the company was able to make dozens of transactions on sale of equipment 5G European wireless operators. And although the administration of the trump in fact blocked Huawei, neither the European Union nor its member States have not limited the Huawei access to its markets.

«Not only is Huawei financially & politically supported but also its origins as a military-backed company continue to pay dividends».

2000 piece on Huawei»s history & why «Beijing Huawei wants to be national champion» & how it worked to make it happen.

— Thorsten Benner (@thorstenbenner) December 30, 2019

Some European politicians are concerned that U.S. sanctions against Huawei, which says it employs 12 000 people and 23 research centres in Europe are just a bargaining chip in a wider trade war between Washington and Beijing, which ultimately may be cancelled.

The government of India has decided to provide the range 5G to test all players, including Huawei, said Monday the Minister of communications Ravi Shankar Prasad. However, approval for testing does not mean automatic approval for commercial deployment. The Department of telecommunications of India will make this trial facilities to all telecommunications service providers who are then able to cooperate with such companies like Nokia, Huawei, Ericsson and Samsung. The Department of telecommunications of India will hold a meeting with all the vendors on Tuesday to discuss it.

Our PM @narendramodi»s govt has allowed Chinese company Huawei to participate in #5G trials and appealing the rest of the Indians to buy local made products. This is #HypocrisyKiSeema & that’s why no one believes him anymore!#IndiaDoesNotSupportCAA

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This is a welcome relief for Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, which was faced with global attention to the problems of network security, said earlier that the ban company in India will delay the deployment of services 5G 2-3 years.

Chinese manufacturer of telecommunications equipment is struggling with the strong pressure from the United States, which require their allies ban for this company to connect to the 5G network on suspicion of espionage.

Huawei should be seen as a CCP subsidiary, not a private company.

//China’s tech champion got as much as USD 75 billion in tax breaks, cheap financing and resources as it became the world’s top telecom vendor.//

— LO Kin-hei 羅健熙 (@lokinhei) December 26, 2019

Chinese technological leader has received 75 billion US dollars in the form of tax breaks, cheap Finance and resources, becoming the world’s largest provider of telecommunications services.

5G is a new generation technology for wireless communications, which is expected to improve the speed of data transfer and will ensure the promotion of the Internet.

Huawei has already received more than 50 commercial contracts 5G, of which:

  • 28 in Europe;
  • 11 in the middle East;
  • 6 in the Asia-Pacific region;
  • 4 in South America;
  • 1 contract in Africa.

India, which is the second largest mobile market in the world, is a key partner for Huawei. The company has launched the 4G network for Bharti Airtel, Idea and Vodafone.

In June, the company said it was ready to sign with the Indian government Pact «bad faith» to mitigate potential safety problems.

The «back door» is an access point in the network / equipment, which guarantees access to the network / equipment in exceptional circumstances. In her absence, the hardware vendor will not be able to access the client’s network without consent.

Last year the US has pressured its allies to deny Huawei to launch 5G by the suspicion that the Chinese government used the company as a vehicle for espionage, but that claim was always denied.

Nicolas Maduro announced in June 2019 that China will help to deliver 5G technology in Venezuela, that will allow illegal leader to control the lives of Venezuelans.

Chinese telecommunications company Huawei for several years providing services to Iran. If Huawei will introduce its 5G technology in Iran, the Iranian regime will be equipped with the latest technology for surveillance, tracking and control over their people.

Australia and Japan have banned Huawei. Canada and New Zealand will probably follow suit. Many European countries still have to make a decision, while Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia intensify cooperation with Huawei.