Friend bill Smith, who starred in My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, wanted to bear him children, but he hanged together with your brother

Billy and Jo Smith, 32, struggled with depression, and on Saturday morning their heartbroken uncle found brothers on a tree in the forest near a farm in Kent. Christine Delaney, girlfriend of bill, shared in social networks joint photo with her boyfriend after he and his twin Joe was found dead.

Friend bill Smith, who starred in My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, wanted to bear him children, but he hanged together with your brotherPhoto: Facebook/Kristina DelaneyАктер hanged together with your brother

TV series My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, which starred bill was filmed in the UK in 2013.

Joe Smith was recently diagnosed with cancer and the brothers made a vow that I can’t live without each other.

Christina Delaney stung by the loss of a loved one:

«I know you don’t make me cry but I’m crying because it hurts.»

The girl says that they bill even planned how they will go in the New year in London.

«Why did you leave me so early? I could do you so much. Now I’ll never have a baby with you, and you’d be the best dad.»

Family members said they had concerns about the fact that Joe and bill struggled with depression. The bodies of twin brothers were found together on a country road on Saturday in Sevenoaks, Kent (England). According to relatives of the brothers left a note in which it was alleged that «wanted it to be otherwise.»

Their cousin Phoebe Charlene Smith told me that Joe had cancer, and Billy told him: «I will never be able to live without you». Joe claimed that he passed a course of chemotherapy two months ago, but she doesn’t know if it’s true. When the boys went missing, and Joe was off, their relatives found the note. It said that they wanted this, and that they can be found in the forest in which they loved to play in childhood.

Girlfriend hoped to ‘heal’ Gypsy Wedding star before his ‘suicide’

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A repetition of last year’s scenario

The tragedy at Kent occurred a year after a similar incident occurred in Urmston (England).

52-year-old twin brothers hanged on the same tree. According to the Deputy coroner Jason wells, in the pockets of both men were discovered «almost identical» notes. Neil and Paul Miklat was found by a dog Walker in the Park Davyhulme, Urmston around 8:40 Tuesday, July 31, 2018.

Gemini, which their friends described as «gentle, kind and generous», has lived his entire life in Urmston together, first with his parents, Ron (died in 1990) and Joan (died in 2014). After her mother’s death they moved to their own apartment.

Sister Julia Gillespie said they were pretty unsociable and preferred to rely only on each other. The investigation found out, a few months before the death of the brothers has experienced financial problems. Neal and Sex workers the storage compartments were suspended benefits after receiving an inheritance of 40,000 pounds sterling after the death of their mother.

At the time of death they had just a few pounds to their Bank accounts. Julia believed that the brothers were «too proud» to go back to the benefits, and that lack of money may have played a major role in the decision to commit suicide. She added: «I think they struggled with poverty, and she won.»

Employee of the coroner’s office, police David wood told investigators that during the search of the apartment of the brothers, they found that the financial documents were placed in folders, the fridge and freezer had been emptied and defrosted, and the aquarium is emptied and cleaned. Their clothes were Packed in plastic bags, and electrical appliances turned off. More detailed suicide notes, such as those that were found in the pockets of their clothes, too, were «neatly» on the table. The essence of these notes, according to the coroner, you can briefly say how «we have had enough».

Studies have shown that every 90 minutes in the UK is suicide.