The couple kept the wedding ceremony, despite the eruption of the volcano behind them (photo)

Couple on the Philippines continued the wedding on Sunday, January 12, despite the volcanospewing ash into the sky behind them.

Chino and kat Vaflor tied the knot 10 miles from the Taal volcano, when a wedding photographer Randolph Evan made a couple impressive shots against «ash pillar».

Taal volcano, located about 37 miles South of the Philippines capital of Manila on Luzon island, woke up in the second half of day on Sunday, forcing residents to evacuate, as experts warned that perhaps even one «hazardous explosive eruption».

Tuloy ang kasal! 😍January 12, 2020photo 📸 credits to: @Warren S. Garcia

Geplaatst door Savanna Farm Tagaytay by Solange op Zondag 12 januari 2020

«We were really nervous because during the ceremony continued to check social networks for updates about the eruption of the volcano. Thus, we were aware of all the important warnings, told Randolph Evan CNN. We also carefully discussed among themselves what to do, if the situation deteriorates.»

But, fortunately, nothing happened, and the guests at the wedding showed admirable calm while the couple exchanged rings.

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and seismology reported that Taal volcano has shown «rapid escalation» of activity. According to volcanologists, the eruption formed the «ash plumes» at a distance of 6-9 miles above the crater.

The Institute called for the evacuation of the inhabitants of the island of Luzon and nearby cities.

Since 1572, the volcano has erupted more than 30 times. January 30, 1911, was the most strong in XX century eruption of Taal volcano — died 1335 people. Ash cloud seen from a distance of 400 km from the eruption in 1965 killed about 200 people.

Now in the Philippines temporarily suspended the work of the Manila international airport.