Tourist a few hours hanging off the cliff in a magazine in Thailand

In Thailand, a tourist from Austria a few hours hung on his parachute, which is stuck in the rocks of the cliff with a height of about 600 feet. The man was rescued, reports Fox News.

On Monday, the 28-year-old base jumper Johannes Grasser made an unsuccessful parachute jump, in consequence of which hung on the hillside of Khao OK Talu. Residents of the province Phatthalung found the camper about 8:30.

Base jumping is the extreme sport are skydiving with some hills: rocks, buildings, bridges, or special platforms.

Salvation Grasser lasted several hours: two rescuers climbed up on the rock, the rest of the time, the professional climber of Santity Rantong tried to reach the men with a rope. Around 14:00 the lifeguard managed to get closer to the Grasser and attach the rope to his safety belt. Soon the victim is pulled to the ledge at the entrance to the cave, where there was a safe descent from the cliff. This cave mountain got its name, which means «Hole through the mountain». Rescuers work attracted a lot of viewers who shudder to watch.

«The rescue took so much time because it took us hours to climb to the top, where he jumped off a cliff,’ said Kittipong Chuangsheng team of rescuers. «It was a long climb and a long way down.»

The Grasser received minor injuries due to strong winds, which hit him on the rock.

Johannes Grasser was a member of the team of base, which produced the show in honour of children’s Day Thailand this Saturday. On Monday, he came back to jump with a parachute together with his wife.