The cat is completely shaved after he returned home, covered with plaster

The owners of the cat had to shave the fur from around his body after it had an accident on a construction site.

On Monday, the member of Parliament from Auckland in New Zealand, Nikki Kaye said that her «lovely furry baby» Charlie had to shave when he came home covered in plaster from the neck down. She did not disclose details of the incident, but apparently her cat has visited the place of construction works, where his body hit the plaster. Being sure that the mixture may be toxic to the animal, Nikki hurried to get rid of it.

After several attempts to redeem the pet, she realized that the composition, which could harm the cat if he swallowed it, not so easy to do. Her mom took Charlie to the vet where he was shaved, leaving hair only on the face.

Been a tough time as my beautiful fur baby Charlie came home literally covered in what we think is plaster from a…

Geplaatst door Nikki Kaye op Maandag 13 januari 2020

Nikki wrote in Instagram that her cat now we have difficult as the other pet may not know Charlie.

She wrote: «My little lion cub is OK but he is very scared. He can’t go outside now, and it’s hard for me to see that Lily doesn’t recognize and hisses at him. Tomorrow I will take it with me to the office because I don’t trust Lily and can’t leave them alone at home and need to look after him and keep an eye on».

The woman who wrote that she used to work as a veterinarian, commented on the post, noting that such incidents are not uncommon. She wrote: «I’ve done a few such procedures, and most of the cats recovered thanks to tender love and care».

Other commenters wanted the cat is the best, although some saw the funny side of the situation. One wrote: «This is a terrible incident. I think we should get a little sweater, because he now would be a pretty cool». Another user of social networks wrote: «I would, too, looked a little unhappy if I shaved and forced to appear in public without a tan».