In the Internet appeared the video, which parents are given the baby vodka

The scandalous video in which the parents of the child given to drink diluted vodka, shocked users of social networks.

According to The Sun, the video was filmed in New Zealand, at a music festival One Love in Tauranga. The view shows a man, presumably the child’s father, watching the woman holding a bottle of diluted vodka in the baby’s mouth.

The percentage of alcohol in the drink is 4.8%. Baby wearing only a diaper, lying on the pillow next to the tattooed man. Then the camera focuses on the hands of women, which brings the bottle to your lips baby. The woman can notice a bracelet with the name of the festival One Love. According to authorities, they were «appalled» footage.

Shocking footage has angered a large number of people and provoked a storm of angry comments. Captured on video the man was subject to massive criticism on Facebook, in an interview, he said:

«Threatening me for publishing on Facebook [due to] live with my child. I, my wife and a couple of my friends were there and we were just joking around.»

The man claims that he is a good father and loves his children. The father also added that he was «an idiot». However, on his page it found another photo in which he puts a pint of beer to the lips of the baby. The new Zealand experts in the field of health has blamed parents for «ignorant» with respect to alcohol and called them «irresponsible».

«We are aware of a video that circulated in social networks and we will work with police as needed.» the Minister said New Zealand’s children. «If the child did give the alcohol, we would agree with our colleagues from the Ministry of health, who called the behavior appalling.»

New Zealand police confirmed that they have not received any statements against the video, adding that «it is impossible» to confirm whether or not the child had consumed alcohol.