The volcano Chillan, Chile is the most active for the last 4 years. The ashes thrown to a height of 3.3 km

Officials in Chile said that in the coming weeks we can expect the eruption of the volcano Chillan, the release of Thursday the flow of ash to a height of over 3300 metres.

Hoy a las 15:45 hora local (18:45 GMT), las estaciones de monitoreo volcánico instaladas en las inmediaciones del Complejo Volcánico Nevados de Chillán registraron un sismo asociado al fracturamiento de roca (Volcano-Tectónico) Más información 👇

Here de Defensa Civil (@SubseDcyPc) January 30, 2020

Service of the geological survey of Argentina (SEGEMAR) and the Deputy Minister of civil defense reported that on Thursday, 30 January 2020, at 15:45 local time (18:45 GMT), stations volcanic monitoring installed near the volcanic complex Nevados de Chillan, recorded at 2.1 km from the crater Nicanor volcanic-tectonic earthquake (VT) local magnitude 3.7 points.

NEVADOS DE CHILLÁN! Finalmente, indicó Álvaro Amigo que estamos en la condición esperable para el caso de la alerta naranja, observando con imágenes satelitales y con las cámaras de vigilancia de nuestra Red Nacional de Vigilancia Volcánicas.

— Sernageomin (@Sernageomin) January 31, 2020

According to Twitter, the national service of Geology and mining (Sernageomin), «the maximum height of the emission of gas and particles reached approximately 3300 meters.»

This is the highest emission recorded during a cycle of eruptions in the past four years.

In the area Kuble and complex Nevados de Chillan was declared «orange alert». The «yellow» alert level remains in nearby settlements, such as Pinto, Kahoko and San Fabian.