Police confiscated deliveryman McDonald’s car — and then took the order for him

In the UK, the police officers brought order McDonald’s for the courier, whose car was seized.

On Tuesday, officers from Nottinghamshire stop the delivery courier who brought the order from McDonald’s. When testing they found that the driver has no insurance, allowing you to own a car. The car had to withdraw.

«What if the car your courier seized by the local police!?» — I wrote to the police in his Facebook. «I can confidently say that the client got his big Mac and fries on time thanks to our officers who safely deliver the order right to your door.»

🍟 MCLOVIN’ IT: Who you gonna call when your delivery driver gets their car seized and #MCGrilled by the local police!?…

Geplaatst door Nottinghamshire Police Special Constables op Dinsdag 28 januari 2020

The police Department has shared a photo of ordering from McDonald’s in a paper bag. In his post, officers urged drivers not to drive on the roads without proper insurance. Violation may result in confiscation of the vehicle and payment of fine in the amount of $ 6500.

Detained the courier also will be punished: his right to receive 6 penalty points.

While the police considered the act perfectly innocent, some of it caused outrage.

«For God’s sake, do the police have other things to do?» — wrote one Facebook user. «What nonsense, why is this law States that to deliver someone’s food, you need a special insurance. Any decent police officer wouldn’t even look at this guy.»

«The police do not have adequate insurance to deliver this food, and I am sure that they will not receive a fine or 6 points. Stick to your own rules!» — criticized the officers of another user.

However, not everyone was so negative. One person supported the officers, noting that «not all heroes wear capes.».