The woman took pictures of the clouds «in the form of Jesus»

A woman from the UK took a photo of the supernatural cloud, which is a lot like Jesus with open arms, reports Fox News.

42-year-old resident Willenhall Caroline Hawthorne noticed an unusual cloud from the window of his kitchen. It had been so impressed the woman that she immediately took the iPhone and made the photo before it disappeared. Caroline has sent photos to friends and family members, many of whom said that the cloud in the photo looks like Jesus.

«Came out very strange: the sky was quite cloudy and there were these strange clouds. People told me that it’s like an angel or Jesus with open arms.» says Caroline. «It was so cudnabout, I’ve never seen anything like it.»

According to Caroline, it could be the consequences of a tornado that passed that day. The phenomenon was so unusual that the woman immediately hurried to take a picture.