The mother washed the baby in the washing machine, and then stated that he was born dead

In the city of Talitsa of Sverdlovsk region of Russia a woman put a live newborn baby in the washing machine and washed it.

As reported by Times Hub with reference to the staff of regional management of the TFR, the incident occurred in a prosperous family with many children. 31-year-old Hope H. was pregnant with a fourth child. The pregnancy was planned, and nobody expected such a tragedy.

Night, when her husband Denis and three older children slept, the woman went into premature labor. After that she decided to kill the baby and let the family know that he was born dead. As a murder weapon she used the washing machine.

The police about the death of a child said the husband. In the morning he got up to collect the kids to school and kindergarten, and saw his wife covered in blood. Arrived at the scene, law enforcement officers, in fact the incident is checked.

Police in Russia have discovered a newborn baby dead in a washing machine. Russian authorities said, in an official report, that the mother of the newborn, Nadezhda Z, is facing a murder investigation after the baby was found dead. Chain Z, a 31-year-…

— The City Pulse News (@tcpmultimedia) January 27, 2020

Arrived at the scene, investigators found the drum of the washing machine, the corpse of a child. The body of a newborn was sent for forensic examination. The experts found that the girl was born alive and died is incompatible with life injuries.

Now the mother is in the hospital under the supervision of the police.

The police opened a criminal case against Nadezhda Z., suspecting her of killing a newborn child, in accordance with article 106 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation may result in imprisonment for up to five years.

The suspect claims that the child was born dead, which is contrary to the conclusions of experts. A woman will undergo a psychiatric examination.

Friends and acquaintances characterize her as a «good mom» and known in the town Barber.