Commenting on the earthquake in Romania, the scientist said that in the next 100 years, Africa will split into two parts

An earthquake measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale was recorded in Eastern Romania, in the Vrancea region.

Local residents felt a short but strong quake on Friday, January 31 at 3:26 local time. The earthquake was felt in several parts of the country, including in Bucharest. Its epicenter was located at a depth of 121 kilometers, which was officially confirmed by the National Institute of physics of the Earth (part no INFP)

Earthquake M4.8 — Romania — Fri, 31 Jan 2020 01:26:46 UTC (03:26 GMT+02:00) — 5 hours ago
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City of Vrancea area of high seismic activity. It is located at the junction of the South (Romania) and Eastern (Ukraine) the Carpathian mountains.

Tremors were felt across Romania and also in Moldova, Ukraine and some parts of North-Eastern Bulgaria.

The website Volcano Discovery real time spent among its readers an online survey, during which people who witnessed the earthquake in Romania, once wrote the message «I knew it» and reported the details:

«Short jolt. The building creaks slightly. A very short earthquake.»

«The plaster falls from the ceiling, the walls are shaking, pictures swaying».

«It looks like a wave under my feet on the floor.»

«Flashing light, it woke me up».

«Strong shaking for 2 seconds».

«Easy rumble, 3rd floor in 4 storey building, weak oscillation, 5 seconds.»

Professor Gheorghe Marmureanu, head of the Institute of physics of the Earth, made a surprise announcement after the earthquake that struck Romania on the last day of January.

According to him, is a seismic phenomenon was isolated and after the earthquake, re-oscillation not expected.

According to local media on Friday Marmureanu Gheorghe said:

«It was the usual earthquake. Strong enough, but ordinary. I think that the depth was over 120 km, as stated by my colleagues. At this depth it is not necessary to expect repetition.

But let’s see what will happen next. There are other problems, because Africa is divided into two parts, and it affects all of us because we are under the influence of tectonic systems in Africa.

But this is not true. It is a question of the next 100 years.»