Video has captured the collapse of SKK in St. Petersburg, which killed 1 person

31 December in Saint-Petersburg during the demolition of the CCM, located at Gagarina Avenue, collapsed roof and part of the structure. One person was killed.

The huge complex was recognized as an emergency and were prepared for demolition. Work on dismantling of the building, filmed from the air by a drone.

Cutting one of the iron cables, the worker had noticed the incipient collapse and ran to a special hanging basket by a tower crane.

But to reach the goal he had not. The wall collapsed and a huge Coliseum, the sports arena has emerged as a house of cards in a matter of seconds.

😱🙊 The epic run of the guys to their cages ! Safety line rope

St. Petersburg concert hall’s ceiling collapses as the building being demolished ; one worker has been killed

— Harry Boone (@towersight) January 31, 2020

According to The Times Hub on the site of the collapsed Sport-concert complex are now planning to build the world’s largest ice arena, partly preserving the architectural appearance of the old building. We are talking about the preservation of architecture of vertical ribs along the perimeter of the entire complex.

The project area is 167 thousand square meters and a height of 49 meters. During the concert at the ice arena can accommodate up to 23 thousand spectators, and at hockey games — 21,5 thousand. VIPs will be provided with 1800 seats. Main grandstand is located on the 2nd, 3rd and 6th floors.