Two gorillas hugged each other for viral photos

On a stunningly cute photograph shows the moment two gorillas hugging each other.

The picture was taken by an employee of the Prague zoo in the beginning of this week. A funny moment was able to capture during the game two brothers, a Primate, who fought with each other.

Primates, including gorillas, have a complex social structure and rely on physical contact to establish a strong relationship.

According to SWNS, a enthusiast of wild nature and an employee of the zoo Lucy Stupnikova photographed Kiburi and his younger brother Ajab January 26.

Two young gorillas embrace in adorable photo

— New York Post (@nypost) February 3, 2020

«The ajab loves Kiburi. He likes to play with him, although he usually gets a few hard blows, and thanks to his brother flying through the pavilion, says the photographer. But surprisingly, the Ajab resorted to Kiburi after that and clung to him. Kiburi hugs him gently and carefully».

The footage also shows the moment when a big gorilla is coming to brothers to interrupt to stop their play fight. After that the young males instantly calmed down.