Japanese fighter sumo has won the Cup of the Emperor and cried from happiness

Japan excited because the underdog won the competition with the sumo, and tears of joy. 188-pound wrestler will Tokusuru won the hearts of Japanese sports fans, not used to displays of emotion.

Day15. Here we go. Just returned to makuuchi, #TokuShoRyu (R) from the bottom of maegashira, must beat an ozeki, #TakaKeiSho, here or face a playoff against #ShoDai. My face is numb. I can’t take it. #Hatsubasho2020 pic.twitter.com/JgkGGlm568

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Fans of sumo in Japan witnessed, as a fighter with the lowest rating won the most important tournament of the year.

33-year-old will Tokusuru, unknown to his winning streak at the new year tournament in Tokyo, managed to get through a series of «superior» opponents, ending a 15-day tournament Sunday with a good 14 wins and one defeat.

感動をありがとう‼lot#徳勝龍 #德勝龍 pic.twitter.com/hqL7SZRnQj

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188-pound wrestler out of the ring Doha in his last fight and burst into tears, much to the delight of the crowd at the Tokyo stadium Ryogoku kokugikan.

«I could cry. At that moment, I felt relief from all the pent-up tension,» said Tokusuru his incredible victory in the post-fight interview.

«Deep down, I feel the doubt and wonder: could I win the championship? I was a soldier of the lowest rank, so I had nothing to fear. I just did everything I could».

SPOOILLEER! I have been watching sumo way too long and that was one of the most moving #sumoments in my life. In my heart of hearts I wanted TSR / Aoki to win it outright. ShoDai is young and strong and will have other chances. This is your day Aa-oh-keeeeee! pic.twitter.com/z6uqpaRtxk

— SumoSoul (@TheSumoSoul) January 26, 2020

Later in an interview with the Guardian he said that in the middle of the competition died, his University coach and the memory of the mentor inspired the man to win.

«I decided I have to do it for him,» he said.

33-year-old sumo wrestler who has spent the previous 13 tournaments, battling in the second tier of ancient sport, has become the first 100 years a wrestler from Nara (in Western Japan), which lifted the prestigious Cup of the Emperor.

The next day after the victory Tokusuru was still trying to control his emotions when he was asked how he managed to gain one of the most unusual victories in sumo for many years.

«What have I done? he asked. — It’s like a dream. I feel that coming on the clouds».