The camera on the doorbell captured a meteorite falling over the horizon

Usually, the most interesting that can record door video — this is a Fox or a hedgehog. However, in one city in the UK, the camera on the doorbell captured a great moment: a huge meteorite falling from the sky at the horizon.

The video was recorded on Monday, around 23:30, by the camera on doorbell home Gary Roger of Derby. According to 52-year-old Briton, he first thought it was fireworks, but the glow was not accompanied by any sounds. Then the man suggested that it could be a plane crash, but fortunately, this time the facts have proved that Gary was wrong.

«I’ve seen shooting stars before, but the meteorite never. — says the man. — First, I noticed the trail, then it exploded in the sky. I knew that it was a meteor.»

Experts confirm that the man is not wrong: it was probably a meteorite. Rob Dawes, Chairman of the Sherwood Observatory, said that meteors often fall into our atmosphere — although Gary was fortunate to see an incredibly large and bright.

«Mr. Rogers is very lucky that he captured such a bright and beautiful meteorite. But you’ll be surprised at how many of them fall into the atmosphere at any time of the year.» said Dawes.

Apparently, the father of three children very happy that he had seen a similar phenomenon. Now the father is actively discussing what they saw with their children and friends .

«I was expecting it to be a Fox or a hedgehog, as usual. It was a semicircular flash,and it’s really nice to see. I showed it to his son Ewan, and he was very impressed. My friends said that it looks like «War of the worlds».