A former paramedic helped a terminally ill couple the last time to visit the beach

A former ambulance worker has fulfilled the last wish of a terminally ill couple and took them to admire the snow-covered beach for the last time.

60-year-old Kees Veldboer from the Netherlands founded a charity organization that gives dying patients the opportunity to make a last trip right from the hospital. During his activities Kees helped 14 thousand incurable patients.

This idea arose in 2006, when the medic was transporting a terminally ill patient named Mario Stefanutto to another hospital. When, during transport, the patient had been delayed, he asked Mario, wherever he wanted to go — and the former seaman said that he wants to visit the Rotterdam Harbour for the last time. Kees took him to the harbour and even agreed to Mario again went to sea.

A year later, Kees founded the organization «Stichting Wensе Ambulance» or «Ambulance Wish Foundation», and taking the assistant’s wife — 61-year-old nurse Ineke — turned charity in full operation.

As Kees 20 years worked as an ambulance driver, he used ambulances that were taken from the hospital, across the country. He later was able to purchase his own car, which was carrying terminally ill people in their dreams. Soon the pensioner got a whole fleet.

«Every day, we help six terminally ill people. So nice to see them happy. It’s easy for us, and for them is something special. says Kees. — We have taken people for hundreds of miles, even to other countries, and showed them a really amazing place.»

Kees helps people to have time to visit places about which they dreamed all his life. One day he showed terminally ill teenager Alps, otveta from the Netherlands to Switzerland. In addition, patients have the opportunity to visit the exhibition: some were able to see the works of Rembrandt in Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum.

Kees also helped two football fans to see the live game of your favorite football club Ajax. The charitable Foundation promotes the reunification of families: one elderly woman was finally able to hold a newborn grandson, the other went to a wedding at the beloved grandson.

However, the best case, in the words of Kees, when they were able to help a terminally ill woman who spent several months in the hospital and was sent to hospice. She really wanted to see home one last time .

«All she wanted was to see her house for the last time, we took took her up there and she just stood there for an hour looking around. Two days later she died. It was such a beautiful desire is so simple, but so meaningful to her.»

A charitable organization allows the relatives of patients. Often, these patients are bed confined and require a stretcher, so their relatives are not able to move patients independently by car or other vehicles. In addition, terminally ill patients require around the clock medical care. Therefore, the organization consists of 270 volunteers who have undergone medical training in case of an emergency.

«It’s not just about patient care, we also help their families and friends to leave wonderful memories. We know that we can’t help them feel better, but we give them a lot of joy in the last days, and it’s something special.»