Dozens of skeletons with their hands tied were discovered by builders in a shallow grave

Builders working at a construction site in Buckingham, Britain found a nasty surprise when they began to clear the land for new residential building. The house had to accommodate 72 apartments for seniors, and the first step in construction was certainly the work of the escalator.

As soon as the builders began work, the team working on the excavator, and quickly realized that something is wrong. On the ground in shallow graves, the workers found the remains of 42 people. There was no information or indication that on site was once the burial place of any kind. Even more intimidating in addition to the bizarre discovery was that the skeletons seemed obezdwijivanie before burial, as their hands were tied behind his back.

Local news outlets paint a frightening picture on the site, as human remains are removed from the earth without the control of local archaeologists or historians. In fact, the rapid removal of skeletons from the earth has become a major scientific dispute between the local municipality and the company conducting the construction work.

MKCitizen explains: «a Few weeks ago was found 42 bodies, and no one has ever seen the report of the archaeologists. At the same time, the skeletons were removed, leaving only empty space in the ground in the place of their graves. It is unclear whether next to them, buried some artifacts that would shed light on the time of their death. Even in Bucks County Council»s Archaeological Service have not seen the report of the archaeologists, although they know about the discovery».

At the moment, it seems nobody has a clue about the identity of the deceased, why they were bound or when they were buried. Anyway, the discovery certainly has historical significance and archaeologists would like to have answers to these questions.

«They can lie there with the Anglo-Saxon period, when Buckingham had a murder or during the Civil war, when there were also victims,» said Robin Stuchbery, member of the municipality. «Or it could be criminals who was hanged for atrocities.»

It is not clear whether or not local scientists or archaeologists the opportunity to examine the remains or even the area where the bodies were found. But the construction in the territory was suspended.