The businessman said he burned $1 million to avoid paying alimony to former wife — but the court does not believe him

Businessman and a failed mayor from Canada was sentenced to jail for 30 days after told the court that burned 1 million dollars in cash, in order to avoid paying alimony to his ex-wife, reports Fox News.

At the hearing in the Supreme court of Ottawa, 55-year-old Bruce McConville told the court that he has made about 1 million canadian dollars (approximately 750 thousand US dollars) with six different accounts, even if 25 separate banking operations. He claimed to have burned the money for twice — $743 thousand on September 23 and $296 thousand on December 15. Macconnell also said that he has evidence in the form of receipts. However, in addition, the businessman was not able to provide other evidence because the only witness was the destruction of money.

For a long time Mcconvill ignored a court order to transfer indications about its finances. He argues that burned had already earned the money by selling part of his property and business to his former accountant, which is a direct violation of court orders not to sell their assets. When the judge asked Phillips about where his money now, the businessman answered that he had destroyed them. The court was asked to clarify what he means by this word what Mcconvill simply replied, «I burned them.»

«It’s not something I normally do. I’m not the person who is extremely materialistic. A small amount goes a long way.» says McConville. «I have always been modest. That’s why my business has existed for 31 years.»

The judge described the statement of Macconville as contempt of court, saying that Mcconvill «very clearly and deliberately set a goal to prevent the court and proper justice is done.»

«I don’t believe you. I don’t trust you. I don’t think you are honest.» said Phillips. «I believe your action is morally reprehensible because what you say you did was deliberately and directly undermines the interests of your children.»

The court sentenced McConville to 30 days in jail for violation of court orders. Judge Phillips imposed a penalty of $ 2,000 per day, which was to be paid directly to the ex-wife of a businessman. Phillips said McConville that if he did not tell the truth in future trials, it will face serious «criminal consequences.»