Newborn puppy with one eye named Kevin in honor of the character «Minion»

The newborn puppy is called a real Cyclops due to the fact that he was born with one eye in the middle of the head.

The dog, which he named Kevin in honor of the cartoon character from «despicable me», was one of only 2 puppies born in Chachoengsao, Thailand. It is reported that, in General, the puppy is healthy and is bottle-fed by its owners SOMI of Pumaman (45 years old) and his wife Ampan (49) at their home in Chachoengsao. The video shows how a newborn puppy enjoying the company of his mother Chinoy and twin brother MA.

In an unusual puppy with only one eye in the middle of the head and mouth with large lips, resembling the mouth of a monkey.

Puppy owner Somay, a civil servant, said that he was dressed when he noticed that his dog askal sitting on his bed, giving birth to 2 puppies. He put them in the basket that it was warm, and only then noticed an unusual view of one of the puppies. The man said that the locals who came to his home, drew attention to the similarity of the puppy with the character of the popular cartoon. He said, «We want the puppy survived, despite its appearance. We want to leave it till he gets older. Everyone was delighted with them and say that it is a lucky sign. People said that it looks like a yellow cartoon character, so we named it in honor of him.»

Daughter men Guy adds that the whole family happy birth of a puppy with a handicap. It is not clear yet whether only the eye of a puppy to function normally, as it takes about 2 months to fully developed the sight of dogs. But the girl says: «Yet we care deeply. He can’t eat in the usual way, because we feed it by hand from the bottle».

After the village learned the news about Kevin, the neighbors came to the family home to look for a happy puppy using the date of birth for lottery tickets. The owner of the pet is added that many friends had asked him to give them a puppy, but he wants to keep it. He said, «a Puppy and his mom Chinoy healthy, and we’ll raise them ourselves.»