The girl was hospitalized after she swallowed the Apple hidden in the needle

Schoolgirl from Australia were hospitalized after swallowing a needle hidden in the Apple, which she bought at a local supermarket, reports The Sun.

14-year-old Shelby Beverage ate the fruit bought in a supermarket in Melbourne, when he felt a strong stabbing pain. After Shelby took a bite of the Apple, the needle pierced lip girl through and through. The shocked girl couldn’t understand what happened, while her friend did not notice the needle, which looked out from Shelby’s lips.

The frightened girl was immediately hospitalized, but the situation was complicated by the fact that the needle broke in half. At the moment Shelby is in the hospital, where doctors conducted a survey in an attempt to find the missing part.

«I slept in the room next to her last night, because I was very nervous,» said Simon, alarmed by the girl’s mother. «The doctors say the first 24 hours after an incident are particularly important.»

Family members of Shelby filed a complaint in the Woolworths supermarket where it was bought by Apple, and as proof brought a part of the needle that was pulled out of the lips of the girl. In turn, the administration of the supermarket stated that the necessary measures to clarify the details of the incident have already been taken.

«We are ready to assist the authorities in any way possible. Although, I think this is an isolated case: we have carried out preventive inspections of our stock in the store and found no problems.»

Shelby is not the only victim of the needle, hidden in fruit. Criminals who are caught on such adulteration of food, faces up to 15 years in prison.