In the photo saved the swans formed a heart, bowing to each other head

The atmosphere of Valentine’s Day were birds: photographer captures a stunningly romantic moment when the two swans bowed to each other, thereby forming a heart with their long necks.

The picture was taken by the British organization for wildlife rescue Secret World Wildlife Rescue.

A couple of swans were taken to a rehabilitation center after their rescue from a house in Ately where birds are trapped. It is reported that before employees of the organization brought the swans to the center, the male is fiercely defended by the female that was injured and could not stand. The organization decided not to separate the couple and took two birds.

We thought so too! <3

— Secret World (@SWWR) February 13, 2020

Today the female is gradually recovering, after her full recovery birds will be released into the wild.

Swans often bow their heads in a similar way: it is part of their mating ritual. After the birds form a couple, they put their relationship through this ritual and remain together until the end of life.