Shepherd swam in the ocean 11 o’clock to call for help when the boat, the owner was upside down

A dog named Heidi called the real hero because she helped his master after his boat capsized in the waters off Queensland (Australia).

Heidi, a German shepherd, said the fisherman, sailing on the boat in Moreton Bay. A fisherman raised the alarm, informing the authorities, who immediately launched a search and rescue mission for the owner, Heidi.

The operation involved the Rescue 500 helicopter, four police vessels, watercraft Marine Safety Queensland, coast guard and rescue volunteers.

In the end, they found the owner, Heidi, who clung upside-down to 4.1-metre boat.

63-year-old man was taken to the hospital, said that the ship quickly began to draw water. 15 hours he was in the water, and Heidi swam for nearly 11 hourstrying to get someone to help.

When Heidi pulled out of the water, she was taken to the vet for a checkup. Fortunately, with a dog as host, everything was fine, they just needed the rest. In addition, the Queensland police did Heidi honorary police dog for the day.

What an incredible doggo! Heidi tread water for 11 hours after her human’s boat sank in Moreton Bay yesterday. She was…

Geplaatst door Queensland Police Service op Woensdag 19 februari 2020

What the dog – man’s best friend, can confirm and fisherman James white of California, who enjoyed a great day on the Bay in SONOMA County, when he caught the shark with a length of 180 cm.

Probably realizing that it was her last fight, a shark on the shore plunged his teeth into the leg of James. Pitbull Darby was in James’s car, heard the noise, jumped through the window and came to help his master. In the end, the battle shark and a pit bull ended with that predatory fish were released the leg of James, and he threw the shark back into the ocean.