The tombstone was removed from the cemetery because of the «offensive» photos

Australian family devastated after the gravestone of their relative had been removed for «offensive» the photo of the deceased. The management of the cemetery took the decision to dismantle without the knowledge of the family.

Peter Robert bridge, died at the age of 34 in April of last year, and was buried in memorial Park of Adelaide in Australia. A grieving family has installed a tombstone with words of love, in order to honor the memory of their deceased relative: «dear son, brother, uncle, nephew and cousin.» However, it is not the word epitaph has attracted the attention of the management of the cemetery, — it is obvious that they do not carry any offensive connotation — and the photo on the headstone. More precisely, a gesture that shows the deceased.

«All because of the small photo with Peter, who shows the middle finger! There are many ridiculous reasons why this is unacceptable.» — says Arthur, Peter’s father.

The caterpillar is shocked that a headstone was removed without the knowledge of the family: Arthur filed a petition in order to prove wrong the guide and return the headstone to the place.

Already thousands of people have supported Arthur, wanting to achieve justice and sharing with him his indignation. To date, the petition has collected 2 662 signatures — and the number continues to grow. Arthur says he didn’t expect such an active support and hopes that soon it will get 5,000 signatures.