EasyJet passengers staged a fight on Board, flooding the cockpit with blood

Two passengers on Board the flight from Copenhagen to Edinburgh was arrested after staged a fierce fight in the cabin and the cockpit filled with blood.

Thursday, 27 February at 13:30 in Edinburgh landed an EasyJet plane, on Board of which immediately the police arrived. Officers detained two passengers 28 and 42 years, who started a fight in the cabin.

«It was a cruel fight, part of the interior filled with blood.» — says the eyewitness of the incident. «The crew did a great job of trying to deter them. Some [passengers] even cried because of the experience.»

«The EasyJet crew are trained to analyze and evaluate all situations to act quickly and appropriately to ensure that the safety of the flight and other passengers will not at any time compromised. «- said the representative of EasyJet.

He added that although such incidents are relatively rare, the company will not tolerate «abusive or threatening behaviour on Board», stressing that passenger safety is their priority.

Both suspects were arrested and charged with violating public order