The bride was in terror, because the groom planned the wedding in Hawaiian style on a windy British beach

Weather in the UK can be quite unpredictable. But one groom decided to take the risk of staging a wedding on the beach in the UK — to the dismay of his bride.

In the reality show «Don’t Tell The Bride» («don’t tell the bride») groom named Leon decided to hold the wedding ceremony in the theme of Hawaii, despite the fact that his other half, Kirsty is set to celebrate indoors due to «bad British weather».

For bridesmaids he chose a bright tropical dress, but they didn’t taste them.

«They’re ugly. I’m not going to be a bridesmaid, if that’s what I wear,» commented outfits is one of them.

Kirsty and her girlfriends, who were promised a Spa, spend a weekend in the woods in bushcraft (place for survival in the wilderness), where you sleep in tents.

Frustrated Kirsty admits: «I hate it… I’m not happy«. Then she runs home.

Back in the UK, the groom realized that he forgot to send invitations and book a venue for the reception — just a week before the big day.

He manages to find a place in the garden, which was free. But on the day of the wedding the weather turned bad, so the bride was in horror when her veil was constantly trying to fly.