Veterinarians recommend cat owners keep them home to prevent the spread of coronavirus

Scientists, veterinarians recommend cat owners keep them indoors to prevent the spread of the coronavirus among animals.

The British veterinary Association said that there is no reason to worry that person can catch this virus from their Pets.

«There was not a single case of a dog or cat infected person Covid-19,» said BBC News Dr. ángel Almendros from City University in Hong Kong.

But studies have shown that cats can catch the virus from other cats.

Dr. Alendros added that it would be wise to keep cats indoors where it is safe during the outbreak.

«Animal fur can carry the virus for some time,» says the President of the British veterinary Association (BVA) Danielle DOS.

There is also evidence that people can transmit respiratory infections to wild apes, making the global spread Covid-19 challenge for conservationists working to protect animals under threat of extinction, including gorillas.

Dr Almendros told BBC News: «We know that the virus made the jump from animal to human [at the beginning of the crisis]». But he explained that this is due to the fact that people eat these animals.

There is no evidence that Pets can transmit this disease to people.

«Treat the pet, as to other people in your home. So if you feel bad, it is better not to contact them,» the doctor said Almendros.