Animals in the zoos of New Zealand started to get bored without visitors

Zoos, and other public places and facilities were closed due to quarantine. It would seem that animals should be happy to take a break from the constant mobbing of people, however employees of orana wildlife Park in New Zealand claim that their students started to get bored — animal was lonely without guests, — says the LADbible.

Nathan Houck, an employee of the wildlife Park said that the animals still awaiting the arrival of visitors at a certain time, however, nobody comes to visit.

«People give animals the best stimulation in real life, some of our very sociable animals such as Kea, I think that something strange is happening.» says hawk.

Hawk says that the rhinos arrive at the place they visit every day at 15:15, because it was at this time assigned the most pleasant procedure — they scratch their bellies. Giraffes are also not far behind in punctuality.

According to Hawk, no visitors especially miss Kea and gorillas — they like to see people, so employees are struggling to take the animals and protect them from boredom.

«It’s about maintaining a new normal level and filling the gap and another case filled with visitors.»

I miss the animals not only in New Zealand — the staff of the Texas state aquarium decided to entertain their wards and teach them not aquatic mammals. For example, dolphins was with absolute delight when they saw the sloth.

«To see the dolphins and sloths as our most popular animal while we were temporarily closed — the choice is obvious.» — said the representative of the aquarium. «We have another sloth, Xena, but that day she was more eager to sleep than to meet with the dolphins!»