The man was garden on quarantine and accidentally dug up the car 50-ies

Man involved in home gardening during the isolation amid the outbreak of coronavirus, found a retro car 1950-ies in his back yard.

«It’s not something you find every day — he was literally in the middle of my garden. Just weird how he ended up here,» commented the find John Brayshaw who lives in Heckmondwike (UK).

Found the car was a Ford Popular grey. According to the man, his engine and the license plate remains intact.

Brayshaw encourages anyone with information about this car, to contact him.

«I would like to try to get a car, but I don’t think that’s possible,» he said.

The reason the car was buried remains a mystery, but one theory is that while the price of steel was too low. It can also be a former military vehicle.

Universal Ford Popular, often called the Ford Pop, Ford UK produced in England between 1953 and 1962. At the time this car was seen on almost every street in the UK.

Popular was developed as a budget alternative to the old Ford Anglia and Ford Prefect. His model of the Popular 103E was replaced by a newer version of the 100E, which continued to be produced until 1962.