In a remote Yanomami tribe in the Amazon confirmed case of coronavirus

According to Brazilian authorities, in a remote Amazonian tribe Yanomami was the first case of coronavirus.

15-year-old boy from the Yanomami were taken to the hospital with complaints of shortness of breath, fever, sore throat and chest pain. He was placed in ICU, where he remains.

According to Globo, the initial test Сovid-19 gave a negative result, but the second test confirmed the presence of the virus.

The Minister of health of Brazil Luis Enrique Mandela said at a press conference that this is his «concerned» due to the remoteness of the tribe.

The Yanomami tribe is the largest indigenous population in Brazil, occupying more than 200 villages in the area of 2.3 million acres along the Venezuelan-Brazilian border.

According to local media, seven indigenous tribes have cases of coronavirus, which prompted many remote communities close to their villages.

The expert warned that indigenous communities could be completely «destroyed» by a coronavirus.

In an interview with the BBC Dr. Sophia Mendoza, a researcher from the Federal University of são Paulo, said:

«There is an incredible risk of spreading the virus on local communities and their destruction. They will lose the elderly, their wisdom and social organization. It’s chaos».

Mariveles the Baer, President of the Federation of indigenous organizations of Rio Negro, media reported that many communities are «in a panic» due to the outbreak.

Some of these communities are planning to split up into smaller groups and head into the forest, until the flash is over, extracting food by hunting and fishing.