A rare hybrid of a Zebra and donkey was born in a national Park, Kenya

If you thought little donkeys adorable, wait until you see this charming hybrid of donkey and Zebra.

As reported by news outlet CNN, the Zebra living in the National Park Chyulu hills in Kenya, was recently discovered with a rather unusual baby which was lying next to her. The baby Zebra had stripes, but they were not dark and barely covered the body of a young female.

When employees Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an organization that works to save and rehab animals, a little closer examined the cub, they were amazed by the discovery that it is still not a Zebra and zebroid — a rare hybrid of a Zebra and a donkey.

The mother Zebra, which has no name, was a stray from the herd the animal that left the house and it’s in a national Park, Kenya Tsavo East, where the female «felt like home» among local animals, told in the organization Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. The group, which usually takes care of the small young elephants, rhinos, and zebras are sometimes orphaned, brought a Zebra with a small cub in the national Park Chyulu hills.

So pregnancy of zebras lasts for 12 months, the team was able pretty quickly to determine what happened. At the time of her life with livestock in the past year, the mother Zebra «obviously, met a lovesick donkey», as noted in the press release.

It is reported that the zebroid hybrids of donkeys and zebras are rare, but they are sometimes found in the world. Newborn cub looks adorable with his striped legs and a more solid body.

Zebra and her little cub – a hybrid of a Zebra and a donkey – «thrive» in his new dwelling place where no predators and enough food, so they were happy. Until they are discovered by a pack of wild zebras, the pair will continue to enjoy life in the Park.