The woman mistakenly recognized dead, woke up in a funeral home

A woman from South America pulled out of the bag for bodies after she was mistakenly declared dead.

«Body» Gladys rodríguez de Duarte was sent to a funeral home in Coronel Oviedo (Paraguay), and her family said she died.

46-year-old woman came to the clinic with a complaint of high blood pressure, but just two hours later she was pronounced dead.

However, according to police reports, the staff of the funeral home was later discovered that she was actually very alive.

Duarte was hospitalized in a clinic San Fernando at 9.30 hours on 11 April, where her doctor was Dr. Heriberto Vera, which announced her death in less than two hours at 11.20.

#INSOLITO La dieron por muerta en Hospital Privado pero «resucitó» en la funeraria

📌 El encargado de la funeraria se percató de la mujer que tenía signos de vida y la trasladaron al IPS de Coronel Oviedo.

— Osmar Henry (@osmarhenry_) April 13, 2020

Dr. Faith has caused funeral homes to those who took the body.

Subsequently, however, the staff of the funeral home found that Mrs. Duarte was still breathing and took her to the intensive care unit of a local hospital.

The woman’s husband, Maximino Duarte Ferreira filed a complaint against medical services.

«Dr Vera assumed that she was dead, and handed me her naked, like an animal, with the death certificate. He’s not even resuscitated her, said male Paraguayan TV Aire. We trusted him, so I turned to this hospital. But they turned it off and gave it to the funeral home».

Dr. Catalino Fabio, the Director of the hospital, which is now Mrs. Duarte, assured the people that she is in a stable condition.

The circumstances of the case sent to the Prosecutor’s office starts investigation.