Breast implants saved a woman from a lethal shot

A woman from Canada survived a potentially fatal shots to the chest due to the fact that her breast implant stopped the bullet.

30-year-old resident of Toronto walked through the streets of the city, when suddenly felt a sharp pain and saw blood on the left side of the torso in the chest area. The examination at the hospital showed that it was fired from a firearm, in which a woman was wounded in the left breast. However, further examination showed that the bullet entered her right breast from below, passed through the left implant and stayed there. The velocity was so strong that it forced the right implant is turned over.

As a result of injuries right edge of the victim was broken and both implants had to be removed. But because the left implant had absorbed the initial impact of the shot and is positioned over her heart, the doctors believe that the woman was saved by the deviation of the bullet from the silicone implants.

Since the incident in 2018, the shooter and his weapon was not found.

Doctors who treated the woman was amazed at how this case is rare. The study, published last week, the surgeon Giancarlo Macewen came to the conclusion that we know very few cases where implants stopped the bullet. According to him, the thematic in the literature was recorded more than four such cases.

«In our report presented to the fifth and third report, where the implant is considered responsible for saving the life of the patient. Although these sightings are rare, they confirm the hypothesis that breast implants can really save lives.» writes Macewen. «In conclusion, we report here on the case of a 30-year-old woman whose life was probably saved by the deviation of the bullet from its silicone implants.»

Macewen told that the woman has fully recovered and it is recommended to replace breast implants after six months.