The guy was able to escape straight from the jaws of a crocodile hanging from the mangrove tree

Aussie miraculously managed to fend off a crocodilethat attacked him while fishing in the Northern territory.

As reported by the Australian Associated Press, April 28, at about 17 o’clock in the evening 23-year-old Calvin Goula fished on the river Glyde near Ramingining, aboriginal community, about 360 miles East of Darwin (Australia).

According to the chief of police of the Northern territory, sire of Tennosaar, Guyla wandering in the water waist-deep, when a 6-foot crocodile grabbed him. The guy managed to cling to mangrove trees – so he stayed until the crocodile «for some reason» not released him and swam away.

«He’s got a pretty deep laceration of the upper thigh, but to his life threatens nothing, — said the policeman. — He should buy a lottery ticket – it’s incredible luck that he survived.»

He Guyla told channel 9 News that he had not seen or heard of a crocodile when he approached him.

«I went into a «fight or flight». When the crocodile swam away, I called his family for help, and a belt as a tourniquet to stop the blood, — said the guy. — I was lucky I have strong bones and strong muscles».

According to the government of the Northern territory, the region has about 100 thousand crocodiles. The average grows to about 9 to 16 feet, and the largest ever caught was a length of 21 ft. Chances to rescue the people trapped in the jaw of a crocodile, a small, and few of the victims managed to avoid any serious injuries.