The police tracks down the «plague doctor» that «scares children» to their sinister appearance (video)

The police are trying to find a man who is noticed when he walked on the Norfolk in «the mask of the plague doctor» that scared local residents.

Mysterious figure seen walking in the area Hellesdon near Norwich in the UK, dressed in a long black dress, hat and a sinister looking mask. Overall, it was a reminder of the plague doctors of the 17th century, which at that time believed that this outfit will help them to protect themselves from the disease.

A police spokesman said: «Officers reported the man who was seen walking in the area Hellesdon in the attire of the plague doctor. Although it is not yet a crime has been committed, the officers want to find this person to explain to him how his actions affect the local community. If you have information about committing any crimes, we will act accordingly.»

Video the mysterious figure was provided by local resident jade Gosbell, employee gym, which is currently left without a job. She expressed concern about the fact that people can scare children. «He was wearing a black suit in 20 degrees on the street, it seemed absurd,» she told Press Assocation. «It’s done to attract attention or something, because normal people wouldn’t do that».

Jade continues: «I sat there and was mad because my mom is terrified of masks. I know that even in the middle of the day if she turned the corner and bumped into him, she was scared. Children would be frightened, my mother would be horrified, but some people are so deep I don’t think, they just think it’s funny, he’s just trying to do something during isolation and quarantine.»

According to the BBC, a photo of a person was also posted on the page in the social network of the village, where many people wrote that they were scared. One said, «Just measured…. walking through the village in the costume of the plague doctor? This is not normal, do it at home, it’s scary for the poor little children.» Others said that the man caused no harm, and someone wrote: «I admit that he’s weird, but what harm it causes… made me laugh».

Danny Buck, the historian of the University of East Anglia, told the BBC: «the Police believe that the locals think it’s disturbing. If the man in the costume of the plague doctor will meet you in Hellesdon, please contact the police. Then the police will be able to try to locate and identify this person.»